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was coined only in 1865, and its definition goes to the heart of why it is so deeply unpopular: "An extremely small person; spec. He wrote back: As to Barnum, to the best of my knowledge he did coin the term "midget" &, as you know, used the word "dwarf" when referring to the Thumbs, Nutts, &c.

such a person publicly exhibited as a curiosity." In other words, it's impossible to think of the word has another meaning as well. Barnum's career, and because his most famous performers, Charles Stratton and Lavinia Warren, were proportionate dwarfs, it is often assumed that it was Barnum himself who came up with the word. I have seen him use the word "midget" in a few of his letters written toward the end of his life -- the 1880s -- but he must have picked it up from someone else.

I have a very unusual type of dwarfism -- see this page for info on it -- so while height-wise I'm 4'2", proportion-wise I'm sort of the opposite of what you're probably picturing; I have a shorter body and longer limbs.So if I were trying to point you out in a crowd, or remind someone which of my friends whiterabbit is, would I say, "She's [IIRC, you are a she] the little person wearing the shark-tooth necklace? This started in the 1800s, interestingly, in the entertainment world (think circuses)." or "She's the dwarf wearing the shark-tooth necklace? These days it's generally (I don't speak for all, I'm sure, but for a large (shut up!That's how things are right now for Becky and her boyfriend of a little over a year.They met at an LPA convention, and though they talk every night, they've only spent about three weeks together in person.

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We had not lived in the neighborhood long, and I knew no other kids nearby.

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Despite devaluation, which has had a significant impact on advertising revenue (particularly in Q4 2014), user monetization has seen a growth in average spending on key mobile platforms – of 19% on i OS and 6% on Android over the last three months.

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