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He had already given Kramer a Papal Bull as part of the book’s preface, which meant that misogyny was not only acceptable but actively encouraged.

These former Jesus People turned discernment leaders have retained their contempt for the Church -- an attitude which characterized the Jesus Movement in general -- and have made a career of denigrating Protestantism in its entirety.

Although Shearer admits that the Jesus Revolution deteriorated into a debauched horde no different than that which he claims comprised the "Establishment Church", he manages to blame the latter for corrupting "the revolution". "And in the midst of all this, self and ego played their ugly parts. Furthermore, it seems that when Jesus People married, they selfishly wanted to provide for their own families instead of financially supporting The Revolution. The Establishment Church encouraged such people in this direction and motivated them in the belief that such giving was unnecessary - which, no doubt, some of it was. "As the Counter-Revolution progressed, it worked on the adherents of the 'Jesus Revolution' in a kind of wave like action, offering followers of the revolution the siren song that the Establishment Church has always offered those who adhere to it - 'Christians can have it all: everything the world has to offer (and have it more abundantly even than unbelievers) and Christ too...'" 2. He returned from Vietnam and served as the executive officer for Region I, U. Counter-Intelligence for Northern California and Western Nevada. In 1972 he resigned his commission and left the army to become a co-pastor for a "Jesus People" type church in Washington D. which was dedicated to preaching the Gospel to the "street people" in Georgetown (District of Columbia). The February 1997 issue of Religion in Politics features S. Shearers article The Death Squads: Bringing in the Kingdom of God Through Terror, Torture and Death with the introduction: The author of this article was involved in the Phoenix Program as an instructor at the programs in-country training center at Vung Tau, South Vietnam from 1969-1970. A footnote states that the source of the information [Shearer], like his colleague, Dene Mc Griff, was trained at Fort Holabird, MD prior to becoming an instructor for Operation Phoenix in Vietnam. 1963 [Dene] was disillusioned with Christianity and the lack of reality of the Lord in his life. In 1970, at the height of the Vietnam War, he entered the Army in Military Intelligence as a First Lieutenant and went through the Intelligence School in Baltimore (Fort Holabird). Consciousness was being expanded and 'raised' by the use of hallucinogenic drugs and forays into the Occult and Eastern Mysticism.

Charges of sexual deviancy were leveled against the revolution (as if such deviancy didn't exist among the many 'dysfunctional' families which populated the Establishment Church and occupied its pulpits) and were used to discredit it . Leaders began to unduly exalt themselves above their peers - prancing about as overlords of the Lord's heritage and not as the movement's servants; many took unseemly - and even illegal - financial liberties with the movement's money; some even indulged themselves in sexual liberties which would have made the secular world blush. The Establishment Church encouraged this unbridled self-interest. What remains of the Jesus People today reveals their ongoing abuse of the spiritual gifts, disregard for God's commands [such as I Cor. Dene Mc Griff acknowledges a nearly identical joint career in military intelligence and the Jesus Revolution. At this point of wanting to give up, Dene was caught up in the Jesus Revolution in 1963, followed by seven glorious years of experiencing a dynamic, unstructured "body Life" and evangelism . In six months, he was promoted to Captain and stayed on for the balance of his time as an instructor at the Army Intelligence School. Antipas' publication Religion in Politics, edited by Stevan Shearer, reveals that the CIA contracted with Eli Lilly to produce the hallucinogenic drugs which in turn produced a generation of drug-addicted social and spiritual drop-outs: . This attitude of experimentation was transferred into the church as many of the young 'Jesus People' came from the counterculture and brought with them many of the drug and Eastern mystic-induced 'revelations' with them.

believe in witches and warlocks and wizards and animal hybrids flying with broomsticks through the devil-dark night.

It was a form of mental aberration that infected the whole of Europe between the 15th and 17th centuries.

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Thing is, libxml2 seems to include several variations of the kitchen sink, along with portable washrooms, showers, and various other things connected via the same plumbing.

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Most of our graduates are employed by large- and medium-sized chemical companies, performing engineering design and manufacturing, technical innovation, applied research, project management, systems engineering and optimization, catalysis, etc.