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Then type “msinfo32” to bring up your computer’s System Information log.

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Friday 6/2/17 Q- Today’s version of these are 600% bigger than they were in the 1800s. A- Wine glasses Thursday 6/1/17 Q- 40% of people who exercise have tried to improve their workouts by spending 0 or more on this. A- earbuds or headphones Wednesday 5/31/17 Q- 10% of young adults share this with a friend or roommate. A- their toothbrush Tuesday 5/30/17 Q- 34% of people have had this happen to them at work. A- Their lunch was stolen Friday 5/26/17 Q- Only 14% of Americans say they’ve done this with the opposite sex. A- Go Skinny Dipping Thursday 5/25/17 Q- 8% of people do this in the Summer. A- Water Ski Wednesday 5/24/17 Q- Fellas, your chances of getting a woman’s number are best where? Wednesday 5/17/17 Q- 10% of men own this product that is typically used by women. A- Concealer Tuesday 5/16/17 Q- 12% of people do this when their partner is not home. A- Watch a Netflix show without them Monday 5/15/17 Q- 30% of women say that they drive better when they do this because it makes them concentrate harder. A- Wearing high heels Friday 5/12/17 Q- Preschoolers require this 210 times a day. A- Their mother’s attention Thursday 5/11/17 Q- 43% of women feel sexy after doing this. A- Shaving their legs Wednesday 5/10/17 Q- Around 15% of parents have almost had a car accident while doing this. A- Disciplining their children Tuesday 5/9/17 Q- More than a third of pet owners do this for their pet on a daily basis. A- Leave a radio on for them Monday 5/8/17 Q- 28% of people know someone, who has done this on vacation. A- Left someone behind Friday 5/5/17 Q- 7% of people have kept this a secret from their partner. A- A lottery win Thursday 5/4/17 Q- 10% of couples do this to keep the spark alive in their relationship. A- Write love notes to each other Wednesday 5/3/17 Q- Women do this about twice as often as men. A- Sing in the shower Tuesday 5/2/17 Q- 42% of parents allow their daughters to do this before they are 10. A- Wear nailpolish Monday 5/1/17 Q- 33% of people feel guilty when they do this. A- Pay full price for something Friday 4/28/17 Q- Kids say this is the worst part of riding in the car with their parents. A- Their singing Thursday 4/27/17 Q- 90% of adults use this on a daily basis while driving. A- Safety belt Wednesday 4/26/17 Q- A new study found thinking of this makes us happy. A- Ice cream Tuesday 4/25/17 Q- 9% of men are impressed by a woman who can do this. A- bake cakes from scratch Monday 4/24/17 Q- 12% of couples have served this at their wedding. A- Fruitcake Friday 4/21/17 Q- Just over 20% of Americans lose sleep over this. A- credit card debt Thursday 4/20/17 Q- This makes 14% of people jealous of their friends. A- When their friends lose weight Wednesday 4/19/17 Q- High School girls will do this 25 times during the Spring. A- Try on prom dresses Tuesday 4/18/17 Q- 21% of men have done this while being romantic. A- cried Monday 4/17/17 Q- This is the most dangerous food to eat while driving. A- potato chips Friday 4/14/17 Q- We eat more than 6000 dollars worth of these in our lifetime. A- Vending machine snacks Thursday 4/13/17 Q- People think having this makes you look five years younger. A- White teeth Wednesday 4/12/17 Q- 8% of people will spend their tax refund on this. A- buy concert tickets Tuesday 4/11/17 Q- At 2%, the horse is the 6th most popular what? A- Tears of Joy smiling Friday 1/13/17 Q- Women spend 36 minutes a week worrying about this. A- weather they are tan enough Thursday 1/12/17 Q- 31% of people believe they have landed a job (in part) because of this. A- Lucky pair of underwear Wednesday 1/11/17 Q- Around 5% of people have hidden money here. A- A shoe Tuesday 1/10/17 Q- 33% of kids earn their allowance by doing this. A- Pooper scooper for their dog Monday 1/9/17 Q- Around 50% of people have worn these. A- Real metal handcuffs Friday 1/5/17 Q- 2/3 of Americans say that this helps them manage stress. A- talking to their pets Wednesday 01/04/17 Q- 35% of people have done this in Winter to improve their mood. A- Used a tanning bed Tuesday 01/03/17 Q- 14% of people own one of these. A- A gym membership Monday 01/02/17 Q- Almost all men have done this while talking to a woman. A- Suck in their gut Friday 12/30/16 Q- The average woman will do this 500 times over the course of her life. A- Wear shoes that do not fit Thursday 12/29/16 Q- 50% of men have fantasized about leaving their partner for this person. A- A Superbowl Cheerleader Wednesday 12/28/16 Q- 18% of women do this before stepping on a scale. A- Pray Tuesday 12/27/16 Q- Over 95% of people have had this at one time or another. A- Dandruff or Dry Scalp Monday 12/26/16 Q- The average woman will do this 16 times over the course of her life. A- Go on a diet Friday 12/23/16 Q- The average person will spend more than a year of their life trying to do this. A- Deciding what to watch on TV Thursday 12/22/16 Q- 42% of people say that this is the biggest cause of daily stress. A- Traffic jams Wednesday 12/21/16 Q- A quarter of women surveyed said they would spend a week doing this to reach their ideal weight. A- Spend a week in jail Tuesday 12/20/16 Q- 45% of men panic at the thought of their mother seeing this. A- Their web browsing history Monday 12/19/16 Q- One simple act can improve your self confidence by a third. A- Standing and sitting up straight Friday 12/16/16 Q- 14% of married men do this at least once a year without their wife. A- lose a bet Thursday 12/15/16 Q- More than a third of people keep this in their wallet. A- Picture of their pet Wednesday 12/14/16 Q- 36%of kids have done this during the holiday season. A- Crying on Santa’s lap Tuesday 12/13/16 Q- Around 75% of people will eat this during the holidays. A- Gingerbread man Monday 12/12/16 Q- Over 90% of people have seen this on a warm weather vacation. A- Someone wearing a hawaiian-like shirt Friday 12/9/16 Q- 3% of dog owner have gifted their dog with this. A- A shoe Thursday 12/8/16 Q- The average person does this 26 times during the holiday season. A- Signs Christmas cards Wednesday 12/7/16 Q- 33% of adults can name these holiday classics. A- All of Santa’s Reindeer Tuesday 12/6/16 Q- 40% of people lie about this. A- How much chocolate they eat Monday 12/5/16 Q- 33% of people don’t do this when they break up with someone. ” A- Delete their pictures from Facebook Friday 12/2/16 Q- Grocery stores have been increasing profits by doing one simple thing. A- Dimming the lights Thursday 12/1/16 Q- The average person will do this 42 times during the month of December. A- Extend a holiday greeting such as Merry Christmas Wednesday 11/30/16 Q- 73% of people have recycled this gift. A- Candles Tuesday 11/29/16 Q- 3% of couples will do this six or more times during their relationship? A- Break up and get back together Monday 11/28/16 Q- 50% of people judge others on this. A- the kind of cell phone they own Friday 11/25/16 Q- 27% of teens have done this without their parents knowing. Friday 7/8/16 Q- Almost 20% of us would prefer to work someplace with one of these. A- A strict dress code policy Thursday 7/7/16 Q- Doing this for 26 minutes a day will burn 100 calories. A- Slow dancing Wednesday 7/6/16 Q- 5% of women use these to enhance their appearance. A- hair extensions Tuesday 7/5/16 Q- 30% of us would rather do this than go out with friends. A- Housework Friday 7/1/16 Q- Nearly 20% of people have taken this from a business they visited. A- toilet paper Thursday 6/30/16 Q- 32% of people have done this in a pool. A- Belly Flop Wednesday 6/29/16 Q- 12% of people cannot recall this.

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It is written with the beginner's perspective in mind, so you do not need any previous experience to understand it.

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These are the questions that I will be tackling today.

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We should also install protections against spiritual threats, protections like filters on Internet connections.” A common question that arises is whether Internet filters really work.

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Together with Chris Telford, Ben supports Kevin Lugg in the day to day running of the C Solutions Group.