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During and after college, I have maintained a diverse group of friends and have had the good fortune to travel to various places in Asia including a two year stint in Korea and Taiwan, as well as less extensive periods in Hong Kong, Japan, and mainland China.

Moreover, I have dated both intra- and inter-racially (with Black women among others) and was most recently in a 3 year relationship with a Black American woman (who self-identified as such).

Nine out of 10 of them would be fine with people in their circles dating someone outside their race or ethnicity.

And although a Black woman was at the center of the Supreme Court case that legalized interracial marriage between Blacks and Whites in America, Black women seem to be not only less likely to marry non-Black men, but less likely to marry at all. Most of the conversations I have with Black women about dating and relationships include a deeper conversation about how, , Black women need to engage in more interracial dating.

Many of their Asian female viewers also classified themselves as a combination of several types, not just one type.

While it’s not a perfect list, the Fung Bros have been doing videos on Asian culture for many years now and the validation from their viewers is pretty compelling.

"Blasian" romances can be found everywhere these days, whether perusing Facebook groups, or meeting with Black female and Asian male couples face to face, or liking photos of Blasian couples on Tumblr.

We will also look at the type of Asian women who are least likely to date Black men, as well as the types of Asian women that Black men should probably avoid, even if they are open to dating Black men.

One of my favorite Youtube channels is The Fung Bros, a very funny, but down to earth and educational channel by two Chinese American brothers – David Fung and Andrew Fung.

There are many instances where this isn't the case, of course, but it is currently a reality for me.

This is a reality for another group as well—Asian men are also less likely to be married than their female counterparts. That we continue to aspire to marriage—an institution invented purely for financial purposesand look at people who are not married as if they have some sort of stain on their character is the real problem.

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Zambia also has a small but economically important Asian population, most of whom are Indians.